Remove FBI MoneyPak Virus (Ransomware)/Reveton Trojan

FBI Moneypak virus is spreading like a wildfire and hitting thousands of new computers everyday. Last year, there was a huge decline in fake antivirus business due to FBI raids on the malware gangs and problems with processing credit cards due to illegitimate business practices. The malware gangs almost gave up on creating fake antivirus products but recently new type of malware are appearing all over the Internet which are far dangerous than fake antivirus products. FBI Moneypak is such a virus which is also called RansomWare.

FBI Moneypak comes bundled with seemingly legitimate applications, video codecs, flash updates and this virus can be planted in many applications. If you downloads applications from suspicious sources, you can be a victim of this virus at anytime. FBI Moneypak virus literally locks down the computer and tells that your computer was involved in viewing pornography, downloading copyrighted materials and other illegal stuff. Now you need to send a fine of $100 via MoneyPak payment system otherwise you’ll be sent to jail in next 72 hours. This FBI Moneypak virus is a scam and people easily get scared when they see that notice is coming from FBI. This virus is infecting computer users only in United States.

FBI Moneypak Scam uses a malware called WinLocker to lock everything on your computer and even your desktop will remain inaccessible to you. The only thing you’ll see is MoneyPak Virus payment page and you’ll be asked to pay $100 fine as soon as possible. FBI Moneypak virus will block your access to Desktop, Task Manager, Command Prompt and all other software products which you might use against it. FBI Moneypak is actually a software product which locks everything and asks for Payment. This virus is capable of launching itself in Safe Mode as well. If you restart your computer after initial infect, you’ll see that virus will automatically launch itself on next reboot and your desktop will be visible to you for a second and then FBI MoneyPak Virus will take over everything.

On the top of everything, FBI Moneypak virus is equipped with a webcam module. If you’ve a webcam connected to your computer, you’ll be able to see yourself in the screen and this virus will tell you that It is recording everything! This stuff is really scary but everything is fake. This scam is designed very cleverly and lots of internet users are actually falling for it.

FBI Moneypak is a very cleverly designed application and it can easily disable your antivirus and even delete your antivirus products automatically. In our test machines, It disabled Norton 360 and Malware bytes and we had to re-install them later after cleaning up the virus. We suggest that as your computer is infected with MoneyPak Scam, we suggest that you don’t worry as you can easily get rid of it in less than 10 minutes.

How To Remove FBI MoneyPak Virus

Once your computer is infected with FBI MoneyPak virus, you’ll loose access to everything. You won’t be able to see Desktop or access the Task manager. It is certainly possible to remove the virus without formatting your computer and re-installing all the programs.

At this point, we suggest that you don’t try lots of removal methods at once because you’ll almost get lost to what you are doing. Please follow this very simple but totally effective removal method :

1. Reboot your computer and keep pressing F8 key on your keyboard.
2. Pressing this key continuously at startup will show you Windows Advanced Startup menu.
3. Please press down arrow key and select “Safe Mode With Command Prompt”.
4. When you boot up in Windows, you’ll see Command prompt Window.
5. Type “explorer.exe” there and this will show boot up the computer and you’ll be able to see Desktop.
6. Click on Start—>Run, type “rstrui” and click OK button.
7. This will show “System Restore” application to you. Please restore your computer’s settings to one or two days back when your computer was virus free.
8. Once the System Restore is complete, reboot your computer and you should be able to Log On successfully in Normal Mode.
9. Please note that so far you’ve just removed the startup entry of MoneyPak Virus so that It can’t bug you at startup and you can use malware removal tools. Now you need to remove its hidden files and folders from your computer. Download Spy Hunter by clicking the button below :

10. After downloading Spy Hunter, install it in your computer and update its virus definitions. Now do a full Scan of your computer and Spy Hunter will automatically find lots of malicious files on your computer. All these files are created by the MoneyPak virus and If you don’t remove malicious files, your computer can return back to square in no time.

This virus is being launched with various different names in different countries and It is trapping naïve consumers very well. If your antivirus software let this infection through, please make sure to update your antivirus software often so that such threats can’t bug you.

We believe that scams like Moneypak are just the beginning as the scammers are finding this tactic very useful and its like minting money. Don’t hesitate to buy a genuine antimalware software as a tiny investment can save you from lots of headaches.

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